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Dr. Muayad Kadhim د. مؤيد كاظم

Since 2001

M. Kazem in words

الجراحة العظمية

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اضغط هنا .... للاطلاع على مشروع التخرج من كلية الطب البشري

Press here to know more about my Thesis entitled

-------Tamplate for   CV   نموذج كتابة -------


How old are U ???!!!

I think U can't give an accurate answer more than THIS

U know your weight ... on the earth !!

How much is it on the other planets??

check this

No one know when he will die , BUT

THIS WebSite  

can give U an idea

This world is so large that it contains 

Such Large NuMBeR  

of population

Vous aimez les chansons francaises , et vous voulez savoire leures mots .....

Cliquez ici

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موقع د.مهدي الجمالي

أخصائي عينية


U want to have a list of some good websites ...just visit this page Links

 Faculty of medicine - Damascus University
DamascusUniversity Faculty of Medicine

 Hakeem - for medicine students, Damascus University

Syria Cartoon

رمضان 1431 / 2010


U want to know more about Al Aqsa Mosque

هل تريد أن تعرف أكثر عن المسجد الأقصى

Si vous voulez savoire Le Mousquée Al-Aqusa

See my first web page 


It was put on a day of APRIL/2001



أول صفحة لي على الإنترنت 

اضغط هنا

وضعت هذه الصفحة في نيسان/2001



Ma premiere page sue l'internet


Je l'ai mise en AVRIL/2001

 <moayyadkazem> on hotmail

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