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I have finished my residency of Orthopedics. It was a period of 5 years of clinical and operative experience.

I have passed the final exam in October 2008, I was the first among 17 doctors succeeded <total number was 55>.

These pages are for those who are going to pass this exam the next few years.

I have completed my residency of Orthopaedic Surgery in  Damascus hospital. Itís one of the major teaching hospitals in Syria with more than 500 beds and 15 clinical departments.

Department of Orthopedic Surgery , its one of the largest departments, we the residents rule and play the biggest role in the emergency room, and of course the clinics , patient ward and operation room.

Dr. Ali Khiyami , Director of orthopedic department,  supports us in every duty we do and in every place we are in. We all respect him.


In our department of Orthopedic surgery, we used to meet and present lectures and case studies under the supervision of Dr. Bashar mirali.

Dr. Bashar Mirali, Consultant in pediatric orthopedic Surgery.

Do u know < the art of treating patients >?

He gives us more than the orthopedics; shares us his knowledge; teaches us how to think, diagnose then to treat ; urges us not to hesitate even to ask.. Its really the art of Surgery 


What is the purpose of these pages :

I put in this site / medical section , some official issues for residents of orthopedics in Syria, including applying for the final exam, and post specialization papers. I put also information about how to create a CV , letter of recommendation , Statement , and the logbook of surgeries. 

During the orthopedics residency rotation in Damascus hospital, residents meet twice a week in the conference hall in the hospital under the supervision of Dr. Bashar mirali , click here for more details.

We have published a book titled < Lectures of Pediatric Orthopedics > , click here for more details.

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