Residents Activity

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   Every tuesday, one of the residents in the department of orthopedics in Damascus hospital prepare and present a lecture of a subject in orthopedic and trauma surgery, under the supervision of Dr. Bashar Mirali.
   Residents have the benefit of any question may be asked by Dr. Mirali or residents themselves.
   Some residents of other hospitals used to occur and sometimes had a chance to present a lecture.
   These lectures were organized in papers <in arabic language> and were of benefit for residents in other hospitals.
   We have collected 21 subject in pediatric orthopedics and gathered them in a book, to know more about this book, please click here.
   Every thursday, residents present a clinical case <orthopedics> from the department < sometimes from ER or the clinic>, the discussion and <debate> is always under the supervision of Dr. Bashar Mirali.




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